About Loveaflame International

LoveAflame International is a Global Response Team- A Multilateral Charitable Organization, born out of an incredible passion for sustainable Welfare for the Down and Out, especially women and children, all over the world.

LoveAflame International is a non-profit, non-governmental organization relying heavily on Goodwill and Personal efforts. LoveAflame partners range from religious Institutions/ the Religious Organizations, Business men and women, Private Sector Driven Institutions, and occasionally, Government Agencies. LoveAflame

LoveAflame approaches Philanthropy from a whole new level with the infusion of sustainable wealth creation, and other sensitization and empowerment programs, thereby drastically altering the traditional, and sometimes very clumsy approach to poverty alleviation and welfare distribution.

Recently, in June 2011-2015, the LoveAflameteam visited one of the poorest schools in Africa with Pratical Love to village kids who lived most of their lives below poverty level. The lives of those kids have not been the same ever since. The LoveAflame team is scheduled to reach most of Africa, parts of the Middle East, South America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.

At LoveAflame, we believe that sustained, sincere and highly pragmatic outreaches within our geographical and philosophical spheres of influence will soon transform the seemingly impossible task of “TRANSFORMING THE WORLD ONE HEART AT A TIME

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