What is a partner?

A partner is someone who shares in the risks and rewards of a specific undertaking. Ministering around the world to the “least among us” isn’t easy. It requires great sacrifices on the part of those who accept the call. However, the rewards of living to fulfill the great commission far outweigh the risks. These rewards affect our present life here on earth and our eternal life in heaven. When you choose to become a partner with this ministry you position yourself to share in every reward from God to this ministry.

Why become a partner?

Partnering with Keshia Freeland Ministries (KFM) connects you to something far bigger than yourself. KFM is a global ministry with a global mission to transform broken lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through your prayers and financial support you become an extension of Minister Keshia Freeland and her team as they labor to bring hope, restoration, and healing to hurting and hopeless people around the world. Your faithful giving enables KFM to provide vital ministry services through:

  • Women’s Empowerment Initiatives
  • Youth Empowerment Initiatives
  • Global Outreach Initiatives
  • Conferences and Crusades
  • Medical Missions Trips

How to become a partner?

Becoming a KFM partner is very easy. Follow a few simple steps and begin your partnership today!

Step 1:
Pray about the level of commitment God wants you to have with the ministry.

Step 2:
Complete the partnership application online or in person.

Step 3:
Submit your completed application online or in-person and become a partner immediately with exclusive access to KFM ministry resources.

Step 4:
Open your KFM Welcome Partner kit when it arrives in the mail with a welcome letter, your membership card and account information.

Thank you for your commitment to partner with KFM to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world! Know that your commitment to the great commission will have a great impact upon souls for the Kingdom of God!