Keshia Freeland
Transforming The World One Heart At A Time

Keshia Freeland is a dynamic speaker, stirring the hearts of her audience with her passionate conviction and her explosive delivery.

Her profound revelation is inspired through a deep, intimate relationship with her First Love, her Father, GOD. The Glory she carries from her deep connection with the Father shifts the atmosphere displacing principalities and tearing down their erected strongholds in the minds of people. This barrier breaking anointing allows every heart to open to the Truth of the Word of GOD allowing hearers of every age to dream again with Heaven. The pure Love of the Father drips from her like honey, saturating the entire room with HIS rich presence and permeating each heart. Everyone under the sound of her voice is ushered into a beautiful encounter. Even those who have never experienced the LORD before are able to experience HIS healing and transforming touch. Through Divine Wisdom and Prophetic Insight she is able to rightly divide the deep Truths of the Word into bite sized portions that people can actually partake of. The simplicity of her teaching allows the Word to be fully ingested causing people to be transformed from the inside out as the Word is digested into their being. This fuels a Holy craving in them for more of the things of GOD. Her hunger for the Lord, demonstrated in her messages, invokes the hunger inside of HIS people.

As the people feed on the Word she bears, their hunger increases and provokes them to reach out for their own relationship with GOD. This is the heart of her ministry. To inspire every nation, tribe, and tongue into a Loving Relationship with their Heavenly Father and to become all that HE designed. Keshia’s ministry is undeniably Supernatural. Holy Spirit’s Revival Fire sweeps through in every place, ministry, and territory in which she sets her feet. People are touched, healed, delivered, and convicted to live the dreams GOD has destined them for.
Whether an audience of one, or a multitude of thousands, her message remains undaunted, her delivery undimmed, and her passion unrelenting.

From the lady at the check-out, to the security guard in the airport, to the third-world school children, the church of 20, or the conference of 10,000, she is, Transforming The World One Heart At A Time.

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