I met Minister Keshia Freeland a few years ago and we’ve been great friends ever since. In my very humble opinion, Minister Freeland is probably one of the most spiritually intuitive persons I’ve come across. She has impacted my life in more positive ways than I can ever express. Her prophetic execution is with an unrivaled supernatural finesse and accuracy. Her passion for the lost is infectious. Her propensity for worship is beyond description. She’s a dangerous God Chaser.

Joseph Okechukwu/Actor; Movie Director; Entrepreneur & Artist

Minister Freeland has been a blessing to our family and ministry for years now. We invited Minister Freeland to our church in Fort Lauderdale. Her ministry is dedicated to seeing the Kingdom of God manifested in the lives of people young and old. It was clearly seen as she preached powerfully, and led us in prophetic prayer with such a pure heart. We look forward to having her come and minister again and again.

Pastor LaShaon Brooks/Redeeming Word Christian Center

I have had the honor and pleasure of traveling and ministering alongside of Keshia on many occasions. Everywhere I have gone with her, her humble submission, relentless obedience, and passionate pursuit for the Spirit of GOD, her King and Friend, causes Heaven to literally invade earth. I have watched first hand as she will reverently stop to witness to one, as quickly and with as much fervor, as she will preach to the thousands. Her consistency in life and in Love for her King bring Divine Connections and Transforming Dynamos Glory everywhere she goes – impacting everyone she comes in contact with for Eternity. I am grateful, as my friend and mentor, to be able to glean from her rich overflow and be one of the first partakers of her miraculous ministry! My life will never be the same.

Anastassia Padua/Executive Administrator

Have you ever had a friend who was hilarious, humble, non-judgmental, and down to earth who happens to be an Apostle? Evangelist Freeland and I went to high school together and eventually lost contact. Fast forward 20 years later we were connected through a mutual friend. Evangelist Freeland is one of those friends you don’t let go. She comes in like a breath of fresh air allowing you to be you. To watch her grow is like watching winter turn into spring. Man has so many qualities but the one quality that she possesses that shines so bright is Love. She is an awesome leader and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her. I’m blessed to have her back in my life.

Mary Pessima/Entrepreneur & Health Coach

Evangelist Keshia Freeland never ceases to amaze me with the passionate and powerful ways she blesses those she ministers to. Her infectious love for God and His people is girded by a strong knowledge of His Word and she brings it to her audience effectively. Keshia holds nothing back when it comes to speaking what the Lord is saying to and through her. Her desire is to be completely led by the Holy Spirit and is proven every time I have watched her speak. What a dynamic speaker she is! Her words consistently bring life, freedom, transformation, and restoration to those she encounters. I always look forward to hearing what thus saith the Lord through her.

Latia Graham/Entrepreneur

Minister Keshia is an amazing woman of God. When she opens her mouth, you can just feel the power of God oozing out of her. She is truly God’s mouthpiece, and she has impacted my life in so many ways. She has prayed me through life’s challenges, and just knowing her has changed my life for the better. Truly blessed and honored to know this amazing woman of God.

Nikea Marie/Gospel Artist

Wow! What can I truly say about Keshia? She’s a powerhouse! It’s not often you come by too many genuine people but she is definitely one. One that has a pure heart towards God and His people! I was ministering at an event for young girls, approximately three months, before I was to be married. After Minister Keshia ministered she began to pray. I didn’t know she operated in the prophetic, but let me tell you! Since a little girl, I’ve always gotten all the prophecies, so for me I try to stay low (lol). Keshia didn’t allow that to happen. She began to pray and tell me what God was showing her. The confirmation I received that day not only about my ministry, but my husband and how we will minister together! From that day we have been EVERYWHERE! When I talk to Keshia now she’s still praying for us and still being so pure towards us! She’s an awesome woman of God and I’m so glad God allowed our paths to cross!

Brelyn Freeman-Bowman/Breezy’z Accessoriez; Speaker & Author

Evangelist and anointed Prophetess of God whom laid her life down for the Lord’s work. A true woman of God that walks boldly in her anointing and calling. I met this young lady about 2+ years ago in a dressing room at the K&G Store, in Waldorf, Maryland. I was in my dressing room trying on a suit when suddenly I heard this woman’s voice decreeing and declaring life into another young lady’s life. It became so powerful that the Spirit had now moved into my dressing room. I began to put my clothes back on to see who this person was and the Holy Spirit spoke and said “just touch and agree with her” as she continues to impart. Keshia did not even know this young lady. She was someone that was in the store shopping just like me. But hear me when I tell you that Evangelist spoke a word to this young lady’s life until she finally broke and the tears begin to stream down her face. I could not believe what I had just witnessed. For about thirty minutes God took control of that dressing room and not a person exited or entered that dressing room. Time just literally stood still until she had completed her assignment. Her final remarks were “Woman of God may I pray for you” and she did and the rest is history. I have followed her ministry in various ways. Every impartation has come straight from God, because she didn’t know that on that day I was just about to throw the towel in myself and be done! I know her to be precise and clear in what God is saying to each of us in this hour. Because of her pouring into my spirit, I have just incorporated and am now moving on with my new organization. We thank God for keeping her a secret for such a time as this. I love you Evangelist and “eyes have not seen, nor did ears hear all that is in store for you great woman of God.”

Patricia Carpenter/CEO