The Sound of Worship

We are Living Shofars heralding the King of Love. HE has put a unique Sound in each one of us. Your Sound is the essence of who you are; you are worship unto Him.

The Sound is produced out of our lives when we recognize who we are, what was put in us, and why we are here. We comprehend that we were created just a little lower then Elohim and given authority, power, and dominion. According to that Realization we behave and walk as kings in this life, holding both favor with GOD and man. We recognize that the Fullness of the Godhead dwells within us; we are the embodied Ark of GOD’s Covenant. Out of us flows pure, grand symphonies, from surrendered hearts. We do not fear the expression of the pure, passionate, fiery Love which burns forth from the Heart of GOD. Un-stifled by the opinions of men we tenaciously lavish our affections on HIM. We are of a single purpose: that we might Know HIM More. We will not be satisfied with tasting HIS Goodness; we want to become fat – being completely flooded with HIM. And still we refuse to allow our thirst for HIM to be quenched. We don’t want a well, we want the ocean of who HE is and we will dive ever deeper. We are Radical and Relentless. Our passion for HIM fueled by our acceptance of HIS Love for us. We have become One with HIM through intimate embrace. Our exchange with HIM becomes a consuming fire that is stronger even then death and extends beyond the grave. It is Life itself the very power of Resurrection – and shoots forth from us like lightening in extravagant display. Without even a word our presence shifts the atmosphere. The very air is charged like before a great storm, and the fragrance of a new beginning fills the air. We are marked and chosen. There is no denying that we have been with Glory – it radiates from every pore. Anyone we come across is as one who has walked through a sudden down pour of rain. They can not deny their encounter with Greatness or the change that was wrought in their lives. This is the Sound that breaks open the Heart of Heaven and brings Heaven to earth. Through our encounter, expression, and confession of passionate, intimate Love in worship, His Promised Land is formed within us. What grows within us, we become, and what we become we bring forth. We bring forth GOD into the earth and become the oasis of Paradise that produces the Harvest of GOD’s Promises. Our faith is substantiated, causing prison walls to be torn down, and captives to be released. Our life becomes the proof of His Love; the evidence of the unseen. We are the lay-down lovers who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We do not falter in laying ourselves aside to be used of HIM. We do not hesitate to become undone, so that HE can make us REAL. We are the ones whom the Spirit of the Lord hungers for. We are the Springs of Living water that HE will drink from, that will quench the dry and thirsty land, and flood HIS glory into the earth. We, who being in the form of GOD thought it not robbery to be equal with GOD but made ourselves of no reputation. Who for the sake of the Joy of HIM set before us, endured suffering and humbled ourselves even unto death.

But death can not hold us down. And it is only through the Humility of death that we can experience the Joy of Resurrection and Know Christ. Don’t let anyone stop your Sound, for through it comes HIS Glory beyond compare.

**Psalms 110:7 PTP

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